Top 5 Headphones Under $500 – Updated 2020 List

This list of headphones under $500 is not gonna be super cheap or super expensive but this list consists best of the best headphones under $500. There’s nothing super ultra-budget in here but few that we think will definitely surprise you guys!

So, the first headphone on our list is Beyerdynamic DT880-600OHM. Now there are several other versions of this but the 600OHM version is fantastic, not an exciting headphone but it is very very detailed. It’s worth noting that if you get this you will gonna need a lot of power to drive it. 

Something like an ADAM will do the trick but a lot of AMPs out there will really struggle to push this thing. It leans pretty much on the warm and bright side. But not big thumping base, not crazy big sound stages, just more analytic headphone with a lot of detail.


♦ Great Quality

♦ Good Clarity

♦ Very detailed headphones

♦ Comfortable to wear

♦ Price worthy


♦ Weak Bass

♦ Hard to drive without a dedicated Amp

♦ May not live up to the sound quality

Modhouse Argon Mk 3

The next under $500 headphones on our list is Modhouse Argon Mk 3. These headphones come with lambskin pads and it is absolutely wonderful. Now, this is not an analytical headphone. 

This is the exact opposite of DT8-AT. In fact, it is really basy and has a lot of sound stages but it’s fun. 

It’s great for gaming and a super enjoyable headphone. Though It is also hard to drive like the detailed DT8-ATs. The more powerful AMPs you will give this thing, the better it is gonna sound for you.


♦ Good sound quality

♦ Nice and comfortable fitting


♦ Quite heavy in weight

♦ Bass could be tighter

♦ Less comfortable for long term

Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro

The next product on our list is the Airpods Pro. These In-Ear ones are something special. We cannot say that they are perfect but the convenience of these earphones are just amazing.

 Being into this hobby, listening to music all the time is made very easy and enjoyable by these Apple Airpods Pro. 

These are sweat and water-resistant free which is very good quality along with active noise cancellation for immersive sound and the wireless charging case delivers more than 24 hours of battery life.


♦ Good sound with improved fit

♦ Comes with portable charging case

♦ Great active noise cancelling

♦ Good fit 


♦ Charges via lightning cable

♦ Price

♦ May face battery issues

Massdrop X Sennheiser HD-6XX

We have the Massdrop X Sennheiser HD-6XX next in our list. It is basically the same thing as HD-650. It is an absolutely fantastic headphone under $500. It’s been time tested and people are loving these headphones from the day they are launched. 

These have a pretty narrow sound stage and doesn’t have a ton of sub-base. 

In fact, these are warm sounding and are rolled on both ends but there is something about the way this headphone stages which is something about the way it images, its vocal intimacy and very good resolution in the mid-range, just sets it apart from everything else and the big thing that we’ve noticed is that this headphone can sound with whatever AMP you plugin up to. 

If you plug it up to a bright solid-state AMP, it will gonna sound bright and if you plug in with warm, it will sound warm. It mimics what the source is. 


♦ Value for money headphone

♦ Great build quality

♦ Comfortable and lightweight

♦ Amazing sound


♦ Not good for loud spaces


Hifiman Sundara


The last headphone under $500 in our list is Hifiman Sundara. This headphone is ridiculously good. It is a very analytical headphone like the DT8-AT. 

It is built well and is extremely fast, extremely detailed, has great staging, great imaging and from all across the borders these are super solid headphones

With the decent extension on the base and the treble. The technical performance of the Hifiman Sundara is exceptional and these are one of the tightest and well-controlled headphones available under $500 mark.


♦ Crisp Sound

♦ Fast transient response

♦ Incredible Imaging


♦ Slightly lacking body

♦ Cables are just average


Anything on this list you can get and be very happy for a very long time because all of these headphones are things which we have used for a very long time and absolutely loved.

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