Sony WF XB700: New Bass King?

We are looking at the Sony WF XB700 and will provide details about how good is the sound quality, microphone quality, battery life and pretty much everything we can possibly check about these earbuds.

Sony WF XB700

There are so many wireless earbuds out there and if you ask pretty much anybody who has tried them, they will say that really the best sound quality is going to be from Sennheiser, Master and Dynamic or Sony.

And out of these three, they are very expensive and for some people, they may not be in your budget which is why Sony just released a lower mid-range pair of earbuds.

Now, if you look at the box, they plaster all over the box, all the logos that say extra bass.

So, the big selling point here is that these are supposed to have very high quality and very loud bass! 

But some of the other big claims they have are long battery life, excellent call quality and a lot of the other classic Sony features that we would be expecting from the Sony WF XB700 wireless earbuds. 


  • Comfortable fit

  • Punchy bass

  • IPX4 rating

  • Solid low-end sound


  • No noise cancellation

  • No app or EQ

  • Limited codec support

We want to start with a physical tour of the Sony WF XB700 because it really is a pretty different form factor from a lot of other earbuds on the market.

You have an entire plastic case. Kind of tilts the earbuds up at a slight angle there. So, you open it up and they are kind of sitting nicely on display.

The case is a little bit larger than maybe the Galaxy Buds but we could see it’s still gonna fit very nicely in your pocket.

It sits nicely on any table that you set it down and you don’t have to worry about.

We like the case overall. It’s all plastic design there, so it does not feel super premium but it will feel like you would expect for this priced pair of wireless earbuds.

The Sony WF XB700 has USB-C charging on the back. On the bottom, we do not have Qi Wireless charging.

That’s a small drawback but we really want Qi wireless charging on watches and earbuds so we don’t have wires all over the place. It’s so much nicer just to set things on a wireless charging pad.

Now looking at the Sony WF XB700 themselves, they are definitely a little bit on the larger side as far as more modern earbuds go.

We were sceptical of this because typically larger earbuds when you are going for a run or a walk or working out, they tend to fall out of your ears.

The Sony WF XB700 however, does not. They actually are very comfortable and they stay in your ear very well and overall we are very impressed by their fit.

The only downside to the size of Sony WF XB700 wireless earbuds is really just going to be aesthetic and they really stick out a little far.

They look a little bit more like a Shrek type look like some ogre ears coming off there but other than that we really don’t dislike the design that much.

The Sony WF XB700 does have physical buttons on the bottom which we thought was kind of a strange thing as not many earbuds do this.

But because they stick out so far you can pinch the entire thing and the button seems to work just fine.

Something we like about the physical buttons is that you don’t have to worry about accidental touches when you try to adjust the fit of your earbuds. 

You also don’t have to worry about wearing gloves or having wet or cold hands without a cap touch sensor it really is a little bit more of a robust design.

The Sony WF XB700 are definitely meant for working out. As we said they are very comfortable. 

The bass is a very big selling point of the Sony WF XB700 and they are also IPX4 water-resistant which means rain and sweat should not do any damage to these earbuds.

Inside the Box of Sony WF XB700 Earbuds

In the box, you do get multiple different silicone tips. These are the exact same silicone tips that we see on the premium line of earbuds from Sony. So, they fit very well and have a very good seal in your ears.

Now, as far as the charging cable, happy to say that they have included a USB-C cable.

The Sony WF XB700 don’t have Active Noise-Cancellation but the passive noise blocking is definitely pretty decent and comfort is definitely a big win for these wireless earbuds.

The Sony WF XB700 are available in two different colours black and blue. These colour scheme we think is a good idea on Sony’s part

Design of the Sony WF XB700 Earbuds

Looking at the Sony WF XB700 earbuds, they do have two microphones but unfortunately, we do not believe they have a proximity sensor.

It looks like they should have one on the inside as there is a small hole but when we take these off our ears, they never pause so we are pretty sure that they do not have autoplay auto-pause features on there.

But of course, as soon as you take them out of the case they will pair, putting them back in the case they do turn off so as far as pairing goes, the Sony internals of the Sony WF XB700 did a really good job.

We find that the Sony WF XB700 pair almost instantly and you can start playing music significantly sooner than you would with something like the Sennheisers or even a lot of earbuds out there.

On the back, you have a USB-C input and then your indicator light which is just a single indicator light located under the lid.

So that just kind of gives you a general idea of if you have one charge left or not. That’s the only option you really have.

How's The Connectivity of Sony WF XB700?


Speaking of the connection part of the Sony WF XB700, they have a stronger connection and faster pairing as they have single-point connection.

The Sony WF XB700 does not, unfortunately, have a transparency mode. So, it would be a little bit more necessary if you are trying to hear your surroundings to maybe keep one earbud out of your ear.

It’s something that for some reason they just didn’t include that. 

Also, another thing to notice is that you cannot connect the Sony WF XB700 with the Sony App. 

It doesn’t say anything about the app. That means you cannot adjust EQ settings and other things in the App.

The Sony WF XB700 is not multi-pairing. It’s something that we really do like to see in wireless earbuds and it’s not exactly as common as we would like right now.

A lot of earbuds don’t have a multi-point connection and you just won’t be able to connect to things like your laptop and your phone and switch really easily.

Controls on the Sony WF XB700 Earbuds

Without the app integration, you are also unable to customize the controls but we find that the Sony WF XB700 are fairly straightforward and easy to use. 

On the right earbud, if you press the button once, it will play/pause, twice is next, three times is previous and touch & hold will summon your assistant Google or Siri whatever you are using.

And then on the left earbud, you only have volume control. So, pressing it one or two or three times just turns the volume up, pressing and holding turns your volume down.

Battery Life of the Sony WF XB700

Now, talking about the battery life of Sony WF XB700, you will get 9 hours of battery in the earbuds and another 9 hours in the case for 18 total hours.

And charging them up you can put them in the case for 10 minutes and get 60 minutes of listening or if you want a full charge you can plug everything in and it should take about two and a half to three hours until the earbuds and the case is back up to 100%. 

Microphones Quality on Sony WF XB700


We did a microphone test with the Sony WF XB700 and we will say that it does sound a little teddy and we would have liked to have seen these pick up a little bit more bass.

Something we like is that they do have a slight transparency mode when you are on the phone. So, we feel like we can hear our voice a little bit better and wouldn’t be screaming.

Because the type of noise blocking is definitely really good on these. So, without that, you would be talking very loud.

Sound Quality of the Sony WF XB700 Earbuds

Now let’s get into the sound quality of Sony WF XB700. Starting off with the codec, we actually don’t know what codec is on these wireless earbuds.

They don’t say it in the user manual, on the box or on the website. So, maybe we are missing it for you.

But you can assume it’s probably SBC and AAC, maybe they also have their Sony one in there as well that we saw on the premium models.

But for the sound quality on the Sony WF XB700, everybody has different preferences and everyone has a different music taste, different preferences for their EQs and also different ear geometries.

But no matter who you are if you listen to the Sony WF XB700, you will definitely say that the extra bass claims are very true.

The bass is very prominent and very loud. We are really impressed by the clarity of the bass as well. 

So, talking about and describing their sound quality, we would say that the Sony WF XB700 are very vibrant and they are definitely exciting lively, you feel like you are in a club.

So, the Sony WF XB700 is definitely better for that style of music. If you are listening to music more like Steve Aoki or maybe some EDM type stuff or some harder rock, it will definitely sound really good.

The Sony WF XB700 has kind of an HD effect there. So, it’s definitely very punchy bass, very high clarity with the bass as well.

There actually is very little lag so we listen to the Sony WF XB700 as compared to the Galaxy Buds and we found that the lag on these was even slightly less than the Galaxy Buds.

The Sony WF XB700 has excellent subsonic bass and it’s really clean on the low-end. So, there is clearly a very large driver in there. 

You can tell with some earbuds when they try to max out the bass and it gets a little distorted but with Sony WF XB700, you can tell that whatever volume you are listening at, its really not even close to pushing the limits of the drivers in the Sony WF XB700 wireless earbuds.

We would say that the Sony WF XB700 are definitely cleaner, more powerful and just have very impressive bass.

When we get into the rest of the frequencies there, we find that it’s definitely there.

There are very warm mids and the mid sounds very good. The clarity of vocals is definitely decent enough.

Once we get to the higher frequencies, we find that it’s definitely a little bit more muted, definitely a lot more congested and loud symbols may be a little more sibilant.

So, it can be like it’s not perfect for the high ends but we think most people listening to this would feel that their sound quality is good.

It’s hard to explain how much bass the Sony WF XB700 has but if you think about the genres of music that you are interested in, it will deliver a good sound.

Who are the Sony WF XB700 actually for?

We think you can break it down in a couple of main categories. 

Anybody who is looking to work out and you want something that is water-resistant, fits really well, has very easy controls that you can find when you are running, without trying to look for a touch sensor and also have a lot of bass.

The Sony WF XB700 are a great pair of earbuds and for this price point for that group.

Another group of people that would really like the Sony WF XB700 is somebody who is not looking for a lot of excessive features, not looking for an EQ, not looking for ANC, not looking for transparency mode, a lot of stuff like that.

Then the Sony WF XB700 are going to be a basic, good pair of earbuds. If you are not looking to customize them.

Not having app integration is definitely a drawback in our opinion because we feel like the Sony WF XB700 are very capable earbuds and their sound aspect is really hitting exactly their target market.

But we wish they added the app integration in there so you could do a little bit more.

Overall, we are definitely impressed and we think the Sony WF XB700 are an excellent pair of mid-range earbuds. They are very fun to listen to and the bass is definitely extra.

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