OnePlus Buds Review – Are they good enough?

In this article, we are reviewing the newly launched OnePlus Buds and will be talking about its pros and cons.

OnePlus Buds


  • Great price for truly wireless earbuds
  • Good sound quality

  • IPX4 water and sweat resistance

  • 30-hour combined battery life


  • No EQ

  • Limited noise isolation

  • Limited on-device controls

  • Rigid Design 

Now, OnePlus is no stranger to wireless earphones or headphones but the OnePlus Buds are their first pair of truly wireless ones.

OnePlus is now trying to match the likes of Samsung with their Galaxy Buds and Apple with their AirPods Pro.

So, how did they do? Well, we will get to all of that so keep reading!

OnePlus-Buds-01 (1)

The retail box is traditional OnePlus red and white in colouring and there is the OnePlus white text on the left.

They come in White, Grey and Nord Blue with rich, textured sound quality and 10 minutes of charge for hours of play text on the side.

Inside the box, you have the buds, user manual and charging cable. There is nothing necessarily unique with the actual OnePlus Buds case.

The OnePlus Buds are 37 grams in weight and they are as expected a small circular package and the case is all seems to be a sort of matte finish.

OnePlus Buds - Design

Now, the OnePlus Buds in terms of design are okay and very much look like an AirPods Pro in our opinion and we will not gonna go overboard and say they are the greatest things.

They don’t have removable, exchangeable ear tips. It’s one size fits all.

Like with the AirPod Pro, when you put them in your ear, it is relatively secure and comfortable. 

Now, it might not be if you have oddly sized or shaped ears and for those, you are gonna need buds that have more extra exchangeable ear tips.

But they fir comfortably in the ears and they don’t fall out. Obviously, everyone’s ears are different but we had no problems.

There is a LED indicator on the front, type-C charging port on the bottom, Bluetooth pairing button on the back and the lid has a nice firm snap to it.

It certainly doesn’t feel flimsy and on the whole, they do feel very premium.

OnePlus Buds - Setting up

Now, setting OnePlus Buds is a dream if you have a recent OnePlus phone. Simply open the case and you will be notified on the phone that the buds are looking to pair.

Follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go.

If you are using a different branded phone or a laptop/computer for example, then all you have to do is simply open the case and press and hold the Bluetooth button on the back and in the Bluetooth section on that specific device, you will see OnePlus Buds.

OnePlus Buds - Controls

OnePlus Buds

The touch controls on the sides can control your music and they do have a sort of CD pattern on the touch panels that have been taken from bullets wireless headphones which is a nice touch.

By default straight from the box, a double tap on that touch panel will skip music, forward a track but it seems that that’s it. No skipping back, no play/pause. Bit bizarre!

Now, the actual lack of a play/pause function on the OnePlus Buds isn’t necessarily a massive problem right now anyway because of one great feature they have made available.

Basically, when you take one or both of them out, the music stops dead instantly and then of you put them back in again within three minutes, the music starts up straight away again.

When we tried this sort of feature on other devices, the stop/start nature of it, there is a bit of a lag. This is instantaneous.

And that pretty much runs across the board for pairing in general. When you put your OnePlus Buds away and then take them out of the case again, they will reconnect instantly to your OnePlus device.

And also, if you press and hold on the buds for three seconds, it will disconnect from your phone and re-pair with a device you used before your phone.

So, that’s a really great feature if you have got a smartphone and a laptop for example and you want to jump between the two, three seconds, switch your phone, three seconds again, back to your laptop.

And along those lines, they have a range of 10 metres and are using Bluetooth 5.0.

OnePlus Buds - Sound Quality

OnePlus Buds

Now, we come to the all-important sound quality of the OnePlus Buds. How good actually do they sound?

Well, OnePlus say they have unbeatable audio and you should have richer tones, clearer vocals and deeper bass. Thanks to the 13.4-millimetre dynamic driver.

Now, personally, we wish there was a little bit more bass. But having said that there is a really nice balance to the sound.

The vocals are crystal clear, the mids and highs are nice and crisp. The OnePlus Buds have Dolby Atmos and Dirac audio tuner support. So, audio does sound really immersive.

Now, latency is also another very important talking point when we are talking about truly wireless earbuds or headphones.

Because sometimes especially with cheaper earbuds, there is a bit of a lag between what you are seeing on your screen and what you are hearing in your ears.

And we can happily confirm that there is almost next to nothing in terms of lag between watching a movie, for example, the lip-sync to audio, its pretty spot on.

On top of that, if you are a gamer and you have a compatible OnePlus device which has the fanatic mode, the gaming mode, of course, the latency drops to 103 milliseconds which is really good.

If you need that ultimate real-time audio for gaming the again the OnePlus Buds again are going to be a good option for you.

Now, unfortunately, the OnePlus Buds do not have Active Noise-Cancellation feature which is a bit of a shame.

But they do have what’s known as Environmental Noise-Cancellation. This combines a noise reduction algorithm and three microphones on each bud to reduce background noise. Making voice calls for example better.

To be fair, clarity of calls when using them has been decent. 

We personally do love ANC when it comes to truly wireless earbuds or headphones especially when travelling but we believe the lack of that is reflected in the price.

The OnePlus Buds are IPX4 rated so swear and light rain will be fine but just don’t submerge them into deep water.

Battery life is also another very good feature of the OnePlus Buds. 430mah battery capacity in the case and 35mah in each of the buds which results in around everyday use time of 30 hours of music playback.for a full charge.

Crucially, you can get 10 hours of music playback from just a 10-minute charge.

Overall, the OnePlus Buds are kind of like the middle of the road product. Not super high end nor super expensive.

They have a good sound, great battery life, awesome for OnePlus phones and clean software. OnePlus has done a great job with their first truly wireless earbuds.

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