Cyberfox T1 True Wireless: Excellent Audio/Gaming Buds

Today, we are going to be checking out a very interesting pair of truly wireless earbuds. And the pair we are going to check out is the Cyberfox T1 True Wireless Earbuds.

Cyberfox T1 True Wireless

Now, what makes these unique is they are a pair of truly wireless earbuds that are made to be focussed on gaming.

But what really surprised us is on top of being made for gaming and being great for movies and videos, it really surprised us on how well these did with music.

So, we are going to check out some of the features, what it is you get inside the box and see if it’s worth that price tag.

One of the things that is unique about the Cyberfox T1 True Wireless is it has a feature that is called Foxspeed.

Now, this is something that the company created themselves and it gives you a 60 millisecond response time.

So, if you are gaming and you fire off a weapon or somebody is shooting at you, you are hearing that pretty much instantly.

Therefore, there is no lag with that. That is also important if you are going to be watching movies or videos so that you are hearing things as you are seeing Mal’s move on the screen.

A lot of earbuds that have latency, that have that kind of issue that doesn’t have the speed that the Cyberfox T1 True Wireless have.

And to put it into that mode, you just tap the right earbud three times. You will hear ding and that will let you know that you are in low latency mode.   

Now, these also have a 12 millimetre driver which is very impressive to have that size of driver in an earbud that small. 

The Cyberfox T1 True Wireless Earbuds do have an App that you can download but we can go ahead and tell you now the App doesn’t give you any kind of control or any kind of features.

So, we really don’t see the purpose in downloading the app. But we guess, it’s there in case you just want to see what your controls are.

Now, as far as some of the specs, these do have Bluetooth 5.0. They also have AAC and SBC playback and then the IP rating comes in rated at IP54.

So, the Cyberfox T1 True Wireless is water and dust resistant but still not a pair that you can submerge into water.

Cyberfox T1 True Wireless

As far as what you are getting inside the box, you are getting the usual small, medium and large silicone ear tips and then as far as the charging cable, they have included a USB-C cable.

Speaking of the charging cable, the battery life is just so so because on the earbuds, you are going to get around 4 hours of battery life.

Where with the charging case, you are going to get around 24 hours total.

Now, we would have liked to see the battery life be closer to 6 hours on the earbud. We think 4 hours is going to be more than enough for most people.

But some people like to game for longer sessions and so that 4 hours might be a little low.

Design - Cyberfox T1 True Wireless

Cyberfox T1 True Wireless

Moving over to looking at the charging case, the first thing that we noticed is it’s about the size of the AirPods Pro case.

On the bottom, you can see the USB-C input for charging and on the back you have a pairing button.

Then on the front, instead of just using a single indicator light, it kind of has a light bar which kind of gives it a more gaming futuristic look.

So, that way you can kind of gauge how much battery life is on the case that way.

Now, when we opened up the lid, the first thing that we noticed about the earbuds is it has a very unique look.

Right around the top where the touch controls are located. Again, you can tell that it’s more focussed on looking like a gaming set of earbuds.

We like that the Cyberfox T1 True Wireless has a different look compared to the others.

Controls - Cyberfox T1 True Wireless

Cyberfox T1 True Wireless

Speaking of the touch controls, the Cyberfox T1 True Wireless does give you control over everything except volume.

Now, that is one complaint that we have on every earbud that does this. We don’t know why they leave volume control out.

You can control volume by summoning the Smart Assistant or taking out your phone and controlling the volume that way.

But we much prefer just to have all the controls on the earbuds themselves.

And like we said earlier, on top of having your play, pause, skipping your tracks forwards and going backwards, you also have the ability on the earbuds to switch it into gaming mode and then switch it back to normal mode.

Now, for you guys that like to use your earbuds individually, you will be happy to know that you can use either the left or the right.

Microphone - Cyberfox T1 True Wireless

Microphone - Cyberfox T1 True Wireless

Then the microphones on here, we also think they did a very good job. Now, microphones have ENC which is Environmental Noise-Cancelling.

So, the microphones are doing what they can to block out your surroundings and focus in on your voice.

The microphone quality while on call is we think they do a fairly decent job of picking up the voice. There is a little bit of distance however.  

Sound Quality - Cyberfox T1 True Wireless

Cyberfox T1 True Wireless

Now, let’s talk about the sound of Cyberfox T1 True Wireless Earbuds. We think the sound on these is absolutely incredible.

We went into this thinking that it was going to be mainly focused on gaming and may be movies and videos but we were surprised at how impressed we were using these with music.

We felt because this is so focused on the mids because of gaming it pulls out footsteps and hearing dialogue.

What they did for music was pullout the vocalist. So, the vocalist always felt like they stood out in front of the music.

The overall sound of the Cyberfox T1 True Wireless is very dynamic. So, it pushed up the bass where there is a lot of impact there and same thing with the treble.

The treble is tuned up in a way where you hear a lot of subtle details. Everything just comes through very cleanly.

The bass is a little loose at times but that is okay. Kind of gives you that feeling of having a subwoofer.

It doesn’t feel like it’s trying to do what it can’t to have this tight impact. So, when you are gaming and you have explosions, you feel that a little more and same thing with music.

If you are listening to music that is more bass driven. It just gives you the illusion that you are in a car listening to a very nice system.

Now as far as the soundstage and sound imaging, the Cyberfox T1 True Wireless definitely have a more open feel to them which is kind of surprising considering they have that dynamic sound.

Usually when you have a dynamic sound, it starts to close in the walls a little bit. But these best gaming wireless earbuds definitely sounded open.

And then being able to tell what everything was coming from was no issue with the Cyberfox T1 True Wireless Earbuds.

Verdict - Cyberfox T1 True Wireless

So, as great as we think, the Cyberfox T1 True Wireless are for the money, we do have a couple of cons.

One is the battery life because we feel like 4 hours is going to be enough for most people but for some people that like to game for a longer time, 4 hours is just isn’t going to be enough.

And then our only other complaint is the fact that these don’t have volume control. But that pretty much goes for any earbud that doesn’t have volume control.

Because we like to see that on every pair and it kind of bums us out that these don’t have that.

But outside of that it’s so hard to overlook the Cyberfox T1 True Wireless especially given the price tag.

The Cyberfox T1 True Wireless easily could have been $100 or more and we would still recommend them because there are not many pairs that give you that low latency mode.

But also gives you a very dynamic sound that works great for gaming and for music.

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