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The Corsair Void Pro is a wireless gaming headset. It’s constantly being purchased by the gamers who want to fully immerse themselves in the game they’re playing, adhere to every enemy footstep, which is always a key for success! 

Corsair like many time before has shown us that their products are synonymous with quality, comfort and design. And since there are dozens of positive reviews about this particular headphone, we decided to write an article about it to fulfil our audience’s wishes.

From a design perspective, this wireless Void Pro headphone measures 8.07 inches in length, 3.93 inches in width and 7.52 inches in height and weighs around 30.8. In another word, 204 x 99.8 x 191 mm which is 391 gms respectively. We also prefer the metric system!

Versions and Comfort

In addition, Corsair Void Pro RGB headset comes in 3 versions, which are multi-platform version, USP Void version and the wireless RGB which we are currently reviewing. This particular headphone model features a sturdy, mostly plastic construction, and expandable matt headband over the top which can accommodate different sized heads and sits softly on your head without causing any strain.

The headband is plenty of paving as well and a thick foam which covers the external soft-touch fabric is definitely a good choice for making your gaming experience a lot more comfortable.

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Looking and Sound Quality

As we are moving down of the headset, you can see some thick metal pillars that support and add some strength to the frame with an intention of minimising the cranking sound. 

The earcups are oversized and sit properly on your ears so you’ll be able to listen everything in detail and you’ll be more focussed during your gameplay.

Speaking of the materials of this one of the best headphones for gaming, the exterior is plastic and on both of them, there is a Corsair logo that is below in a variety of colours. While the interior is finished with a mash that covers the memory foam heading, 

This does not only means that these headphones fit comfortably, it also means that you will not sweat or overheat during long gaming periods. That’s not to say that they won’t ever get warm but they certainly do stay comfortable.

On the left side of this beautiful headphone, there’s a physical power button that mutes the mic, a power button and a micro USB port with which you can charge the headset. Also, these headphones can be rotated 90° without any problem. 

So far, we can’t find any negative remark regarding these headphones.


Let’s talk about performance and dozens of features that these headphones possess. 

The Corsair Void Pro performs exceptionally well for gaming purposes mainly because of the 50mm Neodymium speaker drivers that support the Dolby 7.1 Surround Audio which is well known for its ability to produce an incredibly immersive audio quality.

But this is not unknown for Corsair products, the great sound has always been a strength for Corsair Headphones. And this particular model shares the same quality with even a higher level of improvements. 

For example, during your gameplay, regardless of whether it is FPS Racing, Call of Duty Modern Warfare or whatever game, the Corsair Void Pro is capable enough to deliver a punchy base, natural and well-defined audio that will keep you focussed on the game. 

The sound of the explosions, gunshots, flying bullets that would fly past you are superb in our opinion. And this is what we always look for when we want to move from our existing setup to another.

There’s another thing that we would like to mention and that’s the Corsair Void Pro’s ability to effectively reduce the background noise right down to the very minimum. 

This is brilliant for gaming since you don’t get distracted by anything that surrounds you. And trust us, the only thing that will surround you is the Dolby!

We would also like to note that this particular model that is Corsair Void Pro Wireless RGB can bring consistent low latency 2.4 GHz wireless audio with upto 40 ft range or around 12 meters. 

We find this to be a great advantage and especially if you take into consideration the amount of money that you’re actually paying.

Moreover, the unidirectional noise-cancelling microphone is Discord Certified as well. And we think it will add to overall gaming experience as you can be heard clearly by your teammates. 

The voice will sound loud and clear without any mumbles which often happens with other headphones.

This is pretty useful for gaming purposes since you could coordinate with your teammates and follow your created strategy which will result in a great win!

If you’re a gamer then you know how hard it is to coordinate with your teammates and how hard it is to move to plan-B. Especially, when you cannot be heard! So, with these headphones, that problem is the thing in the past. 

Corsair Utility Engine Software

Moving on, we suggest you take advantage of Corsair Utility Engine Sofware that features a decent amount of gaming-centric options that will surely enhance your experience like never before. 

First of all, the Corsair Void Pro software is very intuitive so you wouldn’t lose your prefered settings which is without a doubt a great advantage.

 Secondly, there are options for just in the microphone levels programming the RGB lighting, and effects to fan speed, temperature monitoring and even an option of real-time audio monitoring. 

Finally, if you have a Corsair keyboard or mouse, you can assign the two of them to join the conjunction with your headphones and we think that’s really cool.

Battery Life

According to Corsair, the battery life is expected to last for 16 hours which is tremendously good for such an affordable gaming headphone. 

However, taking in mind the battery life is not fixed and it will vary upon the usage. If you enable the lighting effects that drain the battery faster, we think that you’ll get approximately battery life of about 12 hours.which is still pretty good for long gaming sessions 


To conclude, we suggest you seriously consider these headphones as your next purchase because of their affordable price, breathtaking audio quality and Discord Certified Mic that will elevate your gaming experience to a whole new level.

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