Best Noise-Cancelling Earbuds in 2020 [Top Picks]

Today we’re going to check out Best Noise-Cancelling Earbuds in 2020. We made this list based on our personal opinion and we try to list them based on price, quality, durability and more.

Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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Noise Cancelling Earbuds or Noise Cancelling Headphones are the ones which lower unwanted ambient sounds using their Active Noise Cancelling mode/system.

Bose QuiteComfort 20

The Bose QuiteComfort 20 is one of the best noise cancelling earbuds available in the market. 

These earbuds have a great sound quality, nice design and the noise-cancellation is superb.

The Noise-Cancelling on these earbuds reduces surrounding distractions and it really is one of the best noise-cancelling earbuds. These are good for anyone who can afford them because these are a little pricey.

The reason we decided to put these on our list of Best Noise-Cancelling Earbuds in 2020 is that their sound quality is just brilliant. It has plenty of nice features like the exclusive TriPort technology and Active EQ which deliver life light digital-quality audio.

Also, it has the Aware Mode which lets you hear what’s around you when you need to. When you activate the noise-cancelling mode, you won’t hear a thing from the outside world.

When it comes to the design, Bose has done a very good job with these as they have a nice looking premium design, nice silicone eartips that fit securely and comfortably.

In the cable, there is an inline remote control and microphone. There is something that you should know before purchasing these earbuds if you have already decided to, they have a cumbersome, little bit annoying inline battery compartment. 

It’s a bit big and can get in the way as well. But it looks pretty cool.

In our opinion, these are one of the best noise-cancelling earbuds because after using them for about two weeks, you will see the difference. The sound quality and the amazing features make these earbuds so special. 

Also, the Bose QuiteComfort feels so comfortable and you can use them for hours without a problem. These earbuds can block out ambient noise but the best thing about the Bose QuiteComfort 20 is they can block out the human voice perfectly.


  • Excellent Noise Cancellation
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Comfortable fit
  • Good Design


  • Pricey
  • Huge Battery Module

Etymotic Research HF3

Etymotic Research HF3

Another great pair of earbuds are the Etymotic Research HF3. These earbuds are one of our best noise-cancelling earbuds and they come at a very reasonable price.

They fit in almost every ear and you will not feel any discomfort with Etymotic Research HF3. 

The reason we choose these on our list is because of their reasonable price in which you won’t find any better pair of earbuds. Take a look at the Etymotic Research HF3 earbuds and see if these earbuds are the ones you were looking for.

These have a very nice design and the first thing that caught our eye was the stylish black soft-touch finish which looks awesome. 

They look amazing and the build quality of these earbuds is top-notch. 

These noise-cancelling earbuds are the great choice for anyone who wants some earbuds which have an amazing sound quality and minimalistic design. 

Another great thing about them is that they are not very expensive and they come with lots of amazing features. You should know that these earbuds have an amazing sound accuracy of 85+ and a great response accuracy from 20 Hz-120 kHz.

They provide a very nice quality and the noise-cancelling is amazing on these too. They have noise isolation of 35-42 dB which makes them one of the best noise isolation earbuds on the market today.

These earbuds are very durable and can last for years. They have a Kevlar-reinforced cable for better durability. The HF3 can handle complex music without getting crowded or mudded. 

And the best thing is that they don’t show any discernible distortion at high volumes. These earbuds have high performance, balanced armature drivers and reinforced cable which is amazing.

Their 3 buttons in-line controlled and microphone designed for all Apple products.

Overall these headphones are one of the best that you can get on the market so make sure to check them out and see if they can fit best for you.


  • iPhone friendly earbuds
  • Reasonable price
  • Custom-fit option
  • Stellar noise isolation


  • Strained trebles at high volume
  • Insufficient Bass at any level

Shure SE215-K

Shure SE215-K

Next is the Shure SE215-K. If you’re looking for the best noise isolation earbuds then you should definitely take a look at these. 

This lightweight, good looking earbuds have a very nice sound quality, they’re very well built and the features are just brilliant. 

A soft-zip, compact carrying case is included to provide a tangle-free to store, convenient solution to carrying the earbuds more easily while travelling. 

These have a very nice design and the earpiece comes in blue, clear, black or white and they feature a black neckband which looks pretty cool.

In our opinion, the design of these earbuds are quite amazing and they look great in the ears. On the right earpiece, there’s an inline remote control and a mic compartment. 

There are 3 buttons, function buttons for playback and call management and then there are plus and minus buttons which control volume and track navigation.

Behind the neck, there is a plastic compartment with no controls or connections and a rubber cable singe for managing slack.

The lightweight, low profile shape is designed to fit comfortably in the ear without any discomfort. 

You should also know that the fit case includes 3 sizes-small, medium and large so make sure to choose the size which fits you best.

You should also know that the cables are very durable and allow easy replacement and customization. The Gold plated MMCX Connector has a lock-snap mechanism allowing 360-degree rotation for a comfortable fit.

These earphones provide brilliant sound and a secure over the ear design for the long-lasting comfort which makes them one of the best noise isolation earbuds in the market.

The sound-isolating design blocks out outside noise for an immersive listening experience. They have a single Dynamic Driver which produces clear sound with deep bass and a portable and convenient package.

We should also mention that the sound isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise which is brilliant. 

They do a pretty good job and if you want one of the best noise-cancelling earbuds then you must check out the Shure SE215-K.


  • Durable Build Quality
  • Great Noise Isolation
  • Good Sound
  • Stable and Portable Design


  • In-line Control Lacks
  • Slightly Awkward Neckband

Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro

One of the best wireless noise-cancelling and best quality earbuds are the Apple Airpods Pro. 

These earbuds are a great choice for any user who is an Apple user. They have a very nice sound quality, beautiful design and the build quality of these earbuds is amazing. 

The best features of these in our opinion is that they have a very great battery life of about hours. Which is amazing.

The Apple Airpods Pro has a premium and classy look. These come with a pair of 3 silicone eartips in small, medium and large sizes. The in-ear fit is ideal and they sit in place without any problem.

They have a nice wireless charging case and the case measures 1.78 by 0.85 by 2.39 inches. We should also mention that with these earbuds, you can have quick access to Siri by just saying Hey Siri! and it works very quickly.

It has nice on-ear controls that are fairly straight forward. You just have to press either one to play or pause, double-tap to skip a track and triple tap to skip the track backwards.

The best feature in our opinion of these best wireless noise cancelling earbuds is that the Adaptive EQ automatically tunes the music to the shape of your ear. 

The noise cancellation on these are great and if you want to hear the outside world, you can just activate the transparency mode to hear and connect to the world around you.

We should also mention that the microphone detects noise from outside and inside the ear and then the Airpods Pro counters that with equal active noise before you can hear it. 

The high dynamic range amplifier, custom speaker driver and H1 Chip all works together to produce an amazing sound and a very compact design. 

Overall these earbuds provide amazing experiences and if you want some of the best then you should definitely consider taking a look at the Apple Airpods Pro. 


  • Great Sound
  • Comfortable fit
  • Good Active Noise Cancellation


  • Pricey
  • Lightning cable charge

Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony WF-1000XM3

These Sony earbuds are some of the best wireless earbuds in the market. The best about these is that even if they look like they provide a nice noise-cancelling experience, they do! And they do it pretty well. 

They have HD Noise Canceling Processor QN1e which can block the outside noises without any problem. 

We recommend these earbuds to anyone who is the best of the best because these Sony earbuds, in our opinion, are the best earbuds available.

Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds deliver strong audio performance and brilliant noise cancellation. They have a nice and interesting design which looks very premium.

The Sony WF-1000XM3 buds are a bit larger than others and are available in silver or black. In our opinion, the black ones look better.

The best thing about these is that there are 7 total pairs of silicone eartips included so make sure that you get the ideal fit which shouldn’t be difficult.

The left earpiece controls the active noise cancelling single tap cycle through the ANC on, ambient sound off, ambient sound on and ANC off.

On the other hand, the right earpiece controls the playback with a single tap and it answers incoming calls with the double-tap. 

You should know that there is a bit of a delay between the tap and the button in getting the result. But overall, the top sensitive buttons are very easy enough to operate.

There are two Apps to download for the WF-1000XM3 is the Sony headphones connect app for Android/iOS and the Google Assistant App. We should also mention that the earbuds use HD voice and the mic offers solid intelligibility. 

The Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds employees 0.5-inch dynamic neo dive in drivers that deliver the frequency range from 20hz to 20khz Which is great. These are one of the best wireless earbuds on the market which deliver amazing noise-cancelling and brilliant sound quality.

You will hear the difference after using them for a couple of weeks. We would highly recommend Sony WF-1000XM3 to anyone who wants a pair of earbuds that have a beautiful design, amazing build quality and main more features that any music enthusiast would love.


  • Great Noise Cancellation
  • Solid build quality
  • Amazing sound


  • No water-resistance
  • Much larger charging case

Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon Echo Buds

All Amazon had to do was make a bud that didn’t sound like a total dull because on paper, these things make a ton of sense.

Why did they make so much sense? Well, first of all is their price range and it will gonna drop over time. On paper they just do everything right!

It’s not the best battery life in the world. You get about 5 hours and a little less with the noise reduction on. The charger gives you around 2 hours of battery life after charging for 15 minutes. The charging casel boots for around 20 hours in total.

That’s pretty good for that price. Of Course there is you know who, built right in, always listening. So, if you like the voice control thing, that’s available.

They need to be comfortable and they need to sound okay because for that price we are not expecting audiophile sound quality. Might have some surprises for you though.

They have got 3 different sizes of silicone eartips as well as 3 different sizes of the wings that are supposed to help them secure them in your ears a little bit better.

To set these up, the idea is you just open your Alexa App, be that on Android or iPhone, open the case and they’ll go in the pairing mode automatically.

Now, you can also do without the Alexa App as you can always pair these manually and just play music and make manual phone calls. But to really control these buds you need the Alexa App so we do recommend getting that.

This is also where you are gonna be able to control the Active Noise Reduction and also the pass through amplification and this can be done by Alexa App.

If you start listening to music with just one bud in, or just make a phone call with just one bud, that’s fine. It will work that way. And then if you put another bud in later, it will pause briefly, sync the two and then you’ll be listening to the stereo again. You can have it either way.

In addition to that, there are some touch control functionality here. It’s a little bit limited. There are only two actions, you can either double tap or you can long press and when you do long press its best to really hammer that thing and then hold it for a second to execute that in a proper manner.

You can customize whatever you want and there is a whole list of functions in the Alexa App which you can check out yourself. 

The Active Noise Cancellation technology is from Bose. What we found is between the really good seal on these and that active noise cancelling technology, they are fantastic like these are the ones which you will wanna take on a plane and crowded places.

These are far better than just a standard pair of earbuds at blocking out noise even with that really good seal in place. 

What we found was it virtually eliminates the noises of a train, buses, compressors and whatever have you.

We are really impressed with their sound quality as well. They are not audiophile great but far better than most of the wireless earbuds out in the market.

They have dual balanced armatures in there. So, the surprising amount of bass comes from these. The mid range is really clear and the treble is also very well executed.

Overall, these are better for most people looking for and too at the considering price.


  • Very nice Active Noise Cancellation
  • Great sound
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Value for money


  • Battery life is average
  • microUSB charging case

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds

With 6 hours of battery life, wireless charging case and a light nimble design, you are eagerly ready to checkout the affordably priced true active noise cancelling earbuds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

The Galaxy Buds come with a charging case, a long USB-C cable and 3 sets of eartips. When we opened the case, the first thing we noticed was that the buds were smaller and lighter than we expected.

They fit comfortably and we had no issue with them. Battery life is pretty good. You get about 6 hours of uptime per charge with the case providing additional 7 hours of charge.

So, you get around 13 hours of total charge which is plenty enough to spend through our day.

Similar other features that we loved is we can change songs using the Intuitive Touch Controls that can be configured inside the Samsung Wearables App. 

The App also lets us choose between Five EQ settings so we can play the perfect sound for our ears.

Our favourite equaliser mode turned out to be the Dynamic Setting. It channelized what we were listening to and adjusted the sound to best suited.

The Soft Mode and Clear mode are also interesting. The Soft Mode produces less harsh sound signatures and the Clear Mode brings out the shimmers of instruments like acoustic guitars and symbols a bit more.

These Noise Cancelling Earbuds have the Ergonomic design and soft silicone eartips make a good seal on our ears and produce warm bass and clear low mid response with no harsh sound at the top.

We listened to a wide variety of music and they performed well at all types of music. Offering relatively flat response despite playing even with a huge variation between genres. 

We are also impressed that the Galaxy Buds managed to fit 2X Onboard Microphones into each bud. When you make a call, the earbuds will analyse how loud the sound around us and ensure the best microphone to use. 

Using the mic on the outside of each bud, when the ambient sound is quiet and switched to the mic that is inside of the bud when it’s louder. 


  • Nice Design
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Great Bass
  • Easy to use and pair


  • Only IPX2 water-resistance
  • No aptX support
  • Internal storage lacks

Libratone Track+

Libratone Track+

Libratone is a Danish company which means they have very minimal and pleasing design. The cables are made of rubber material and it is completely tangle free.

The buds themselves are very durable and you can use them for a long time without any issue.

Now, they are rated IPX4 which means you don’t have to worry about sweating too much or getting them wet in the rain.

Movin on to the very important part of any headphone, the fit and comfort. We know that many people don’t fit the regular in-ear buds but these can be fit to anyone and we just love them.

The headphones are very light and super comfortable which means you can wear them for hours without any discomfort.

There is a part of a cable that fits permanently on your neck and it prevents the cable from sliding and yanking out one of the earbuds. 

On the mattle part of the cable, you find the controls. They have a standard three button remote which works fine.

On the right side, you have the charging port which is micro USB and not USB-C. Of course, the charging cables are in the box.

On the left side of the cable, there is only one button but its a whole lot more than just a power and pairing button. It activated the Noise Cancellation. It is a proper active noise cancellation.

The feature which is extremely well is that it uses two microphones to analyse the ambient sound and then block it out. 

Additionally, there is Smart Mode called City Mix which adjusts the noise cancellation according to your current environment.

The battery life is about 8 hours and it can reduce to 6 hours with the active noise cancellation which is not bad but it could be better.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Good build quality
  • Nice Active Noise Cancellation


  • Pricey
  • Average battery life

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