Beats Solo PRO Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – Review 2020

We are taking a look at the Beats Solo Pro and jumping right into it, these are closed-back on-ear headphones with Active Noise-cancelling.


We will be going over both pros and cons of the Beats Solo PRO ANC headphones. 

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  • Bluetooth 5.0, Class 1

  • Good battery life

  • Stunning design

  • H1 chip, hands-free Siri access

  • Fast Fuel charging


  • No 3.5mm input

  • No headphone cable included

  • Lightning port only

  • Not that comfortable

So going over the physical features first, the Beats Solo PRO are similar yet subtle design changes.

They come in the soft case which is made from a lot of recycled materials and when you take them out, they definitely look like “Beats” but they are somehow more refined.

All that glossy, greasy plastic is gone now and the Solo Pros only come in matte finishes.

This time, the headphones are a little bit tauter you can say. There is ever so slight less chatter when you are handling them and this helps makes it feel less cheap to be blunt.

The Beats Solo PRO has a matte finish, soft-touch all the way around and they show absolutely no fingerprints anywhere. They are just really well built.

There is ever so slight amount of metal that helps make the Beats Solo PRO feel a little bit more durable.

Now, nothing against ratcheting extending arms but they switch to the sliding adjustable arms, help them make the Beats Solo PRO ANC headphones feel a bit more refined.

Overall, the Beats Solo PRO headphones feel as good as other premium headphones by feeling sturdy and feeling less plastic.

Now, the headband seems still shows when stretched at the very top but nothing appears to be compromised.

How Comfortable are Beats Solo Pro?

The Beats Solo PRO active noise-cancelling headphones weigh around 260 grams, very similar to Sony 1000XM3 headphones. Lighter than Bose 700 headphones as well but by a small margin.

Now, the clamping force is quite strong on the Beats Solo PRO. After wearing these for two hours straight, we felt a little bit of pinching around the ears.

On the positive note, there is no jawline pressure since these are on-ear headphones.

Now, the headband itself, at first gave us that rough and raw sensation at the crown of the head but again after about that 2-hour mark, we felt a little bit stinging or pitching feeling right at the very top.

Of course, this will vary from person to person but we felt for long term wearing, there is better out there from our experience.

Now, the earpads are fine. They do warm up a bit over time. They are comfortable but we believe for warmer environments, we expect ear sweat is going to occur.

The right earcup has a very clicky and responsive button. Almost everything you need is right there.

Volume up and down, pause and play with a single tap in the centre and skipping and going back on songs with a double press or a triple press respectively.

Now, on the left earcup on the Beats Solo PRO, you have the Active Noise Cancellation button and transparency mode which can be toggled on and off. 

You can select the different variations from this specific button.

Battery Life of Beats Solo Pro


The Beats Solo PRO itself features Apple’s lightning port for your connectivity. There is quick charging or actually what Beats call “Fast Fuel”.

A 10 minutes charge gives you back three hours of music.

Now, Beats claim you can achieve up to 40 hours of battery life but that’s when ANC and transparency mode off. 

With those two features actually on, they are claiming up to 22 hours.

When you got them on, that is actually where the fun starts. They turn on automatically when you open them and they turn off actually right when you close them.

This is a pretty good mechanism as there is no on/off button so you never leave them on by accident and kill the battery.

Connectivity of Beats Solo Pro

The pairing of Beats Solo PRO is very fast for our experience and more importantly, its been consistent on both Android and iPhone.

Now, inside the Beats Solo PRO is Apple’s H1 chip. So, these can instantly pair to any nearby iPhone or iPad.

And they have handsfree “Hey Siri” voice commands and a new iOS 13 feature called audio sharing. So, you and your friend can watch a video together or can listen to the same song with AirPods. 

Now, with Bluetooth, the signal remains consistent as well. Beats claims to offer a Class-One Bluetooth Connection.

That’s essentially Bluetooth 5.0 with an extra boost of signal strength in super layman terms.

Now, testing the Beats Solo PRO with videos both on iPhone and Android phones shows no signs of syncing delays. If you are watching videos with these, the signal is good to go.

What we did find missing though on the Beats Solo PRO, they remove the 5 white LED battery level indicator.

When the Solo Pros are low, they just show a red LED light.

Now, one huge positive here, we did confirm that you can have the Beats Solo PRO paired with multiple devices and then switch the connection on the fly.

So, you don’t have to unpair from one device and then repair with another device every single time.

How is the Microphone of Beats Solo Pro?

Beats solo pro

When you are on a phone call, it does plays in both earcups and ANC podcasting does turn off. You do have the option of pressing that button on the left earcup to turn transparency mode for safety and awareness.

How's Active Noise-Cancelling on Beats Solo Pro?


So, with the Active Noise-Cancelling, the Beats Solo PRO does a great job. It does reduce a large amount of ambient air, a lot of that wind annoys coming from cars and the breeze itself.

Overall, the Beats Solo PRO has some really good noise cancellation built-in. Not the best out there in the market and you can still get something getting through but for day-to-day stuff, we are happy with the level of active noise cancellation that these headphones provide.

How's the Sound Quality of Beats Solo Pro?

Beats Solo Pro

Now, first up here is loudness. At 50% volume, it’s quite mellow for these to hit that sweet spot of being loud enough.

You can put the Beats Solo PRO actually about 85% volume and the audio is still tolerable and it’s not blowing out your ears in our opinion and it has zero distortion.

Now, jumping into bass and seriously being neutral and fair, Beats Beats Solo PRO Over-Ear headphones have refining audio and the bass has cleaned up quite a bit.

The Beats Solo PRO ANC Headphones are more of a bass boosted audio signature now without sounding muddy or distorted.

We will admit though that there have been other headphones that offer more bass than these like Sony’s lineup has extra bass headphones.

But if you are not looking for a bass that overshadows the mid-range, the Beats Solo PRO has does well.

The mid-range is more so the upper parts of the mid-range is pushed forward.

Some may like that brighter audio signature while someone might prefer something a little bit more reserves or pull back. A little bit more neutral.

As for the high frequencies, the Beats Solo PRO does highlight this area a bit here without being ear screeching or ear piercing.

There is no listening fatigue with our time testing and the quality up there is fine from our experience.

Now, the only area that is lacking is the soundstage. Indeed the audio sounds good and you do get great stereo separation but the immersion is slightly lacking.

The audio tends to be that in-your-face kind of audio where it sounds good by pushing much of that audio frequency range forward. But the atmosphere is just missing.

Should you buy Beats Solo PRO?

Beats solo pro

We think Beats headphones appeal to a very specific kind of customer. If you want Beats for specific reasons and the Beats Solo PRO deliver on all of those.

They have got a great feel, they have got a great look. Now they have really good sound and adequate noise cancelling.

We think you get what you pay for out of these. Yes, they are charging a premium and they can because they are Beats!

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