The Apple Airpods Pro and the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are two of the newest truly wireless earbuds from two of the most well-known brands and yet they could not be more different.


Despite both having wireless charging, active noise-cancelling and many great features, these earbuds take fundamentally different approaches to how an earbud should even be shaped?

This leaves us with the question of which earbuds are actually better?

Well, in this article, we are going to compare these best wireless earbuds head-to-head and figure out which pair is better to buy.

The Apple Airpods Pro and the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are completely different approaches to how you can have truly wireless earbuds.

And yet they both are really good in their own ways which left a lot of people wondering what the differences are and which pair they should be getting.

AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

First, we will start with the physical differences and actually just on the outside starting with the cases of these best truly wireless earbuds.

The first difference is obviously going to be the colours. In typical Apple style, they only have the White for the AirPods Pro.

And then the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have three different colours. You can get the Mystic White, Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze.

They both charge with Qi Wireless Charging so that is kind of a nice thing right there. But the actual ports are obviously different.

The Buds Live use the USB-C charging port while the premium wireless earbuds Apple AirPods Pro, of course, uses their own. 

Now, opening these up and looking at the earbuds themselves, they couldn’t be more different. So, the AirPods Pro is more of external design. 

They have the silicone tip going in your ear but everything else is pretty much taken care of the outside.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, on the other hand, are as compact as possible and really trying to fit in your ear. 

They have that open-ear design so there is nothing really sticking in your ear that far. So, very compact.

As far as aesthetics goes, we personally prefer Buds Live mostly just because they are a slimmer profile but being that they are so shiny, they are definitely more accessorized.

Therefore, the Buds Live are trying to look a little bit more like a fashion accessory kind of but we think they look pretty good, small and subtle in your ear.

Comfort - AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

When it comes to comfort, they both are really comfortable and are very light earbuds.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, we think we can wear them for longer because they don’t create that seal.

And they don’t get hard in your ear at all. They are really comfortable and really light and just kind of gently rest there. 

Although, we will say that while they are comfortable and secure, it is possible to kind of miss align them.

If you are doing a dynamic workout or if you just touch them a little bit, it’s pretty easy to get them moved very slightly which could pretty significantly affect your audio quality.

The speakers are suddenly misaligned in your ears. So, you might lose all of your bass and something like that and you just want to keep in mind that you want to readjust them and keep them at the right position.

Now, honestly, the AirPods Pro fit really well. There are three different tips and in your iPhone, you can actually do a fit test and it will help you decide which ear tip is going to be best for you. 

Both of these earbuds have a vent so that they should be equalizing and also helping with your bass a little bit.

Another subtle advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is that they are more hygienic. 

So, being that they don’t go all the way in your ear, regardless how clean your ears are, having something not going in your ears is going to be cleaner.  

And likewise, having a shallow case means it is easier to clean out if dirt gets in there or whatever happens.

Microphone and Controls - AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The AirPods Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live both have multiple microphones. So, two microphones on the AirPods Pro and three on the Galaxy Buds Live.

The Galaxy Buds Live sounds really good and we are pretty impressed with their microphone quality too.

And the AirPods Pro has kind of been a reigning champion when it comes to microphone quality for quite a long time.

Another thing about the Apple AirPods Pro is that the way they control is completely different.

Now, the Galaxy Buds Live have a touch pad on the outside that allows you to tap once, twice, three times or tap and hold.

The AirPods Pro don’t have that. We think this is kind of a big advantage of the AirPods Pro as they took a different approach being a force sensor or a pressure sensor on the stem.

So, rather than having to worry about accidentally touching that or adjusting it or if you are wearing gloves you don’t have to worry about that because instead it just uses the pressure of pinching that to do whatever you are trying to do like pause a song or skip a song.

Features - AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Now, the next thing we want to get into are actually some pretty big differences in regards to features.

Because the AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds Live definitely offer some different things. 

So, first of all, the AirPods Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live both have a voice assistant that you can summon very easily just by saying  “Hi, Bixby.” or  “Hey, Siri.”

The AirPods Pro has a slight advantage when it comes to water resistance being rated at IPX4 while the Galaxy Buds Live are only IPX2.

Realistically, that’s not a huge deal and they both are going to be fine if you are sweating or if it’s a light rain outside. They shouldn’t be taking on any damage.  

Now, when it comes to battery life, the AirPods Pro are rated for about 5 hours for the earbuds and 24 hours when you include the case.

And the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are almost the same battery life when you have active noise-cancelling and the voice assistant on.

But if you turn those off, which honestly we would turn off because the ANC doesn’t do much and we don’t use Bixby, then the battery life is significantly longer.

So, you are getting 8 hours per earbud and 29 hours including the case from the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

The AirPods Pro has Transparency Mode which is kind of nice. 

On Samsung’s Galaxy Beans you have the Samsung Scalable Codec for your connectivity and they also have an equalizer within the App.

You can get Samsung’s app on Android and iOS. However, these best true wireless earbuds do work on Apple or Android.

But using the AirPods Pro on Android means you don’t get to go into an app and you don’t get to choose like Active Noise-Cancellation or really do anything like that.

Also, you don’t get the fit test on Android.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live however works really well on Apple or Android because you can get the Galaxy Wearable App on both platforms.  

Sound Quality - AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Now, getting into the audio quality, AirPods Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are actually extremely different. 

Even though they both are kind of targeted out and put them in the same category so they are not going to be the best for really big jams and really hard bass.

If you are listening to Rock, Rap and EDMs and stuff like that, they are really not going to be the best earbuds for sound quality for that type of music listening.

So, if you look at other stuff, the softer, more acoustic type stuff, they are good earbuds for that type of genre but they are very very different.

So, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have smoother, kind of a lower bass. We find that the bass driver on there, definitely produces a lower bass frequency and it sounds better.

But the Galaxy Buds Live are not extremely powerful. That’s why we are saying for acoustic music they are pretty good and they are not going to be overpowering at all.

Now, unfortunately, the AirPods Pro really doesn’t have that much bass on them at all but overall the balance across the entire spectrum, besides being a slightly weaker bass, it does sound really good.

So, you have an emphasis somewhere around 1100hertz so you get some pretty good accents on the symbols and the higher vocals like it sounds pretty good on the full spectrum. Again, except the lower bass. 

Then, we find that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live tend to have a big dip around like 1100hertz to 1600hertz and so sometimes you lose some of the overtones and the higher harmonics with these.

We think while they have a lot of bass and it sounds really good like that. We find that the overall balance sometimes sounds a little bit weird.

And a big issue with the Galaxy Beans from our listening at least is that you don’t have great clarity on high ends.

That’s something you really get on the AirPods Pro. You get a lot of clarity, a lot of instrument detail and some really good instrument separation. 

Especially, with the higher frequencies there. So, that is going to be a really big difference.

So, between the two of them, which one would we prefer for sound quality, we would definitely choose the AirPods Pro.

We think they sound a lot better, overall better balance. You are lacking a little bit of that bass that we would really like but other than that the sound quality is really no contest in our opinion.

Active Noise-Cancellation - AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Getting into the active noise-cancelling, we are going to break this down into a couple of things. So, first of all the passive noise blocking is the first aspect.

So, when you put your earbuds in, before you have anything else actively cancelled out, you want to know what the difference is just from that. 

Therefore, wearing the AirPods Pro with no ANC on, you can still block out a lot of your sounds because you have that passive noise blocking from the rubber tip.

So, you cut out a lot of volume around you and then when you turn on active noise-cancellation, the combination of those two is far more powerful for crushing outside sounds.

You really won’t hear almost anything around you. Even higher voices, they cut out a lot of higher frequencies as well with the AirPods Pro.

Now, if you do want to hear your surroundings, they do have a transparency mode which uses the microphones and plays the sound around so you can hear what’s going on.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live on the other hand, just wearing them, being an open-ear design they have no passive noise blocking really at all.

So, you hear absolutely everything. You can talk with them on and it sounds normal and then when you turn on active noise-cancellation, not a whole lot happens honestly.

The Buds Live cuts out some really small humming if you have like an outlet that is buzzing or if you have like a refrigerator that’s a little bit louder maybe, it will cut that out a little bit.

But if you are commuting somewhere, we would not expect this to block out the sound of your bus.

On top of that, it is a little bit nice that you can cut out some of the smaller things like if you have annoying buzzing in your office but you still want to hear when people talk to you, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live do a pretty good job of that. 

Our Verdict


So, which one should you choose? Honestly, if you can afford it, we would probably recommend the AirPods Pro because they have better active noise-cancellation and the sound quality is better as well.

But if you want to go with the cheaper option, the Galaxy Buds Live is definitely a great pair especially if you don’t like the feeling of rubber tip in your ear.

The Galaxy Beans are really a great pair of earbuds. They have a lot of great features, the sound quality is definitely decent. It’s not the best with clarity.

But, overall, it comes down to what you are really looking for. 

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